Client Testimonials


Matthew Redmond - Entrepreneur

“Alex has been very crucial and instrumental to this business process. His ingenuity is ridiculous for the age he is. More important than that, he knows what he’s doing.

I appreciate his tactfulness, his professionalism and how he executes. I’m very fortunate to have him as one of the high-impact players on my team.”

- Matthew Redmond, Entrepreneur


“I’ve been working with Alex since late 2018 and he’s been a great asset to my law firm. Great communication, meets deadlines, and results-driven.

I highly recommend him to anyone whose looking to work with a marketer who truly cares about his client’s success. Just signed up for another 6 months of working with him!”

- April R. Martindale, Attorney & Founder Of Martindale Law LLC

Denzel Rodriguez.jpg

"After starting to work with Alex, I saw my revenue grow from $2k/mo, to $4k/mo, to $10k/mo, and this month alone I hit $31,500 in revenue!"

Working with him gave me the tools & strategies I needed to REALLY grow, and his 1-1 guidance throughout the process was very helpful.

Overall, Alex exceeded my expectations and moved my business forward in a big way."

- Denzel Rodriguez, Founder Of Builder To Contributor LLC

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“Alex helped me successfully build a sales funnel/paid traffic campaign and greatly increased the amount of sales calls we booked on a monthly basis. Highly recommend him to anyone looking to scale.”

- Christian Oquendo, Founder Of Primal Body

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“I’ve worked with some big-time marketers before, and they charged way more than Alex while only providing 1/10th of the value that Alex has given me. You’d be crazy not to work with him.”

- Vivek Krishnani, Founder Of Coaching By Vivek