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Generating new clients for your business through personalized social media marketing and branding strategies.

Social Media Marketing/Branding Strategy

Our social media marketing consulting starts with a social media and digital marketing assessment that is designed to identify your target clients, assess your current marketing strategies, and explore potential avenues to attract new clients through social media and digital marketing for your firm.

The Process

  1. We assess your current marketing initiatives, social media content, website, and their ability to convert website visitors into potential leads for your law firm.

2. We then determine the most effective marketing strategies for your firm to develop new clients and set forth our recommendations in a social media and digital marketing roadmap that is designed exclusively for your firm.

3. Following the assessment, we can help your firm develop and execute your desired social media and digital marketing strategies that will attract new leads for your firm and convert them into clients.

Real World Results

“The strategies that Alex has worked on with me have really helped! I love the progress!”

— Iving Pierlius, Founder of Complete Basketball Performance Training

Alex helped me generate 500+ inbound leads for my business, $4,600 in monthly contributions to my Patreon page and 188,000 views on my YouTube channel after implementing his strategies! Alex exceeded my expectations and moved my business forward in a big way."

– Denzel Rodriguez, Founder/President DND Funding LLC

We hired Alex to help us with our marketing strategy/activation and he's been doing an incredible job! I would highly recommend him!

– Jim Vargas


What does your portfolio look like?

View our client results by clicking here.

Does Alex have experience in my industry?

If you learn business/marketing strategies from someone who focuses only on your industry, you’ll end up just like everyone else in your market. This is not the path for you. It’s the outside perspective that brings the defining success factor to your custom strategy. Alex draws from widely varying industry experience, marketing tactics, and technology applications to synthesize a strategy that’s just right for you, to capitalize on your market and obtain growth in your business

Is this for new or established businesses?

This is for any business owner who knows they have the skill, smarts, and determination to run a successful business, and who knows they need an A-Z marketing strategy to make it happen.

Is now the right time?

Whether you’re a new business burning through your savings, or a successful business that has stumbled into a plateau, now is the right time to get started. Why prolong the stress, expense, and uncertainty when you could solve the problem with us?