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We’ve discovered that most of the people we talk to are juggling their business with several different agencies, and they don’t even like the results. And even worse, who’s to be held accountable when a brand is chopped up into pieces like that?

We specialize in growing business's revenue through Facebook,Instagram and YouTube advertising. With a track record of success and measurable results, we will bring your business a steady flow of leads, increase the reach of your business through brand awareness campaigns, and grow your social media following. 

We are unlike any other digital marketing agency, as we have a customer opportunity guarantee. *Through Facebook/Instagram advertising, we will provide at least 30 new customer opportunities per month to your business.* 

Is it rocket science? Not exactly, but it’s something close. And it will work for your business.


Our Services

We specialize in creating Video Advertisement's and promoting them on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

We do offer other marketing and advertising services with one goal in mind: Create a buzz for your brand and business.


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Case Studies

See examples of our work with clients who were looking to grow their revenue and brand awareness through digital marketing.


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Weekly Blog

We love providing value to our clients, so we release a weekly blog that gives readers insight to the latest social media marketing tools, content creation strategies, the importance of social media to a business + more.

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Adrenalous Fitness is one of many clients we’ve helped achieve their marketing goals. Whether you need help with your website, building a stronger brand, more targeted digital marketing efforts or growing your organic search presence, Unstung Media can help.


"Helped my business reach thousands of people and showed me each website visit, demographics, and even helped me create a website. Working with Unstung Media has been the most logical decision I've made for my business. Will continue to work with them!"
- Christian Oquendo, Founder of Adrenalous Fitness


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