Unstung Media

B2B Lead Generation: Done-For-You Cold Email Campaign Management

Unstung Media helps B2B companies generate leads through done-for-you Cold Emailing


You know that your business needs more leads to grow.

But relying on referrals, word of mouth and inbound leaves you feeling not in control. 

You know you need to be doing outbound prospecting,
but don’t have the time and struggle to stay consistent. 

Imagine if you had a steady flow of leads delivered to your inbox every single day.

Imagine if you had a team who did prospecting for you. 
Imagine having warm conversations teed up on a daily basis.

That is what we do.

Utilizing targeted LinkedIn searches, we generate emails for decision-makers in your target audience, and create conversations between you and your ideal customers via cold email campaigns.


How It Works


We start conversations between you and your ideal customers.

In detail, there are 3 pieces to how we do that. 

Step 1) Perform Targeted LinkedIn Searches

Targeting your ideal clients ( based on the criteria you provide ), via LinkedIn searches, then using an email scraping tool to generate verified emails for the prospects that we’ve found on LinkedIn.


Step 2) Integrate

We then integrate any verified emails from our email scraping tool with our email marketing platform that will manage the campaign, adding the verified emails to specific lists.


Step 3) We send a 4-step cold email drip sequence

We send 4 drip cold email messages to your target prospects over a 30 day period with the goal of starting warm conversations between you and your ideal customers.