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Social Media/Content Marketing Strategy


Denzel Rodriguez/DND Funding

"I worked with Alex and Unstung Media to build an online/social media presence for my personal brand as a financial expert. Alex gave me a plan/strategy for creating informative video content for my YouTube channel that has generated Over 250,000+ organic views for my YouTube channel , $6,500 in monthly patreon contributions to support my channel and Over 500+ Inbound leads for my business in 6 months!

Alex exceeded my expectations and moved my business forward in a big way."

– Denzel Rodriguez, Founder/President DND Funding LLC


Financial specialist needed to build a brand online and on social media - before working with us had no online presence.


Alex helped Denzel create a custom YouTube content strategy/plan ( as his niche was under-represented on YouTube ), and coached him on the best practices for YouTube growth and success.


At the time of writing, Denzel has amassed over 246,000 organic views on his YouTube channel, 500+ Inbound Leads from his YouTube page, 3,300 subscribers to his YouTube page, and over $6,500 per month in donations to his Patreon page to support his channel.

This was after 6 months of him working with us and implementing our concepts/stratagies.

View one of his highest viewed videos ( 14,000 + views ) below:


Facebook Advertising


South Florida Health Studio was in need of increased lead generation and brand awareness.


I crafted a custom Facebook advertising campaign to their target audience in a 7-mile radius around the studio. The goal of the campaign was to generate as many quality leads as possible while reaching as many people in the local area with the advertisement.


Generated over 115 total leads at roughly $5 per lead in around 2 months!

Reached 21,493 people in the 7-mile radius around their studio.

Average of 2 new leads per day.


PR/Marketing Strategy

How I Saved Over $1500 in Advertising Costs With A $19 PR Tool



I wanted to drive more traffic to my website and increase my exposure online. I had the option of running a Google AdWords campaign to my website that would cost $1,500+:

( $6 CPC X 263 Estimated Clicks = $1,578 )

Instead, I used a $19 per month PR tool ( Join my newsletter to find out the tool I used), got featured in Time.com & Businessinsider.com, and received over 260 organic clicks to my website for $0 in advertising costs!

Client Testimonials

“The strategies that Alex has worked on with me have really helped! I love the progress!”

— Iving Pierlius, Founder of Complete Basketball Performance Training

Alex helped me generate 275+ inbound leads for my business and grow my YouTube page to 114,000+ views in a matter of 4 months after implementing his strategies! Alex exceeded my expectations and moved my business forward in a big way."

– Denzel Rodriguez, Founder/President DND Funding LLC

“Alex boosted my business’s revenue and increased my exposure on social media, if you’re looking to grow your business, hire Unstung Media for your marketing needs!”

– Christian Oquendo, Founder of Adrenalous Fitness