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Case Study: Growing a YouTube channel from 0 to 440,000 views and $10k per month in revenue

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Denzel Rodriguez

"I worked with Alex to build my personal brand as a financial expert - I was just starting out when we began working together and had no online presence.

Alex gave me a plan/strategy for creating informative video content for my YouTube channel that has generated over 440,000+ organic views for my YouTube channel , $10k in monthly revenue derived from my YouTube channel ( Patreon contributions & 1-1 consulting work sales ), and over 700+ Inbound leads for my business in 8 months!

Alex exceeded my expectations and moved my business forward in a big way."

– Denzel Rodriguez, Founder/President Builder To Contributor LLC


Financial specialist needed to build a brand online and on social media - before working with us had no online presence.


Alex helped Denzel create a custom YouTube content strategy/plan ( as his niche was under-represented on YouTube ), and coached him on the best practices for YouTube growth and success.


After around 9 months of working with Denzel, we’d built his YouTube channel to 440k+ views, 5,300+ subscribers, and grown revenue derived from his YouTube channel to $10k per month ( Patreon contributions, coaching calls, 1-on-1 consulting packages, merch sales ).

Content Marketing/PR Strategy

Getting Featured in Business Insider & TIME While Saving Over $3000 in Advertising Costs With A $19 PR Tool

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I wanted to drive more traffic to my website and increase my exposure online. I had the option of running a Google AdWords campaign to my website that would cost $3,000+:

( $6 CPC X 510 Estimated Clicks = $3,060 )

Instead, I used a $19 per month PR tool, got featured in Time.com & Businessinsider.com, and received over 511 organic viewers to my website for $0 in advertising costs!