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You Need To Create Exclusive Content For IGTV

If you aren’t familiar with Instagram TV (IGTV), it’s a brand new video platform that allows Instagram users to upload vertical videos that can be up to one hour long.

The introduction of IGTV has raised many questions. Will it replace YouTube? How can I utilize IGTV for my brand/business? Is IGTV going to be a fad like Vine?

Regardless, I see IGTV as a long-term player in the mobile video space.

As a content creator on many different platforms ( iTunes podcast, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Medium etc.… ). I realize that it’s important to have a presence on every major communication medium ( voice, image, video, and audio ).

With IGTV, I see a huge opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a powerful social platform.

The opportunity that I see is a lack of competition.

You don’t have to compete with a ton of other businesses/brands on IGTV. They’re most likely not even on the platform yet. Make them pay for coming late to the party.

Take Advantage Of This New Platform

Take advantage of this opportunity by creating content exclusive to your IGTV channel. Even if the content isn’t perfect, put it out. Building your IGTV presence in the early days of the platform will pay dividends in the long-term.

Think about it. It would’ve been a lot easier to grow your YouTube channel in 2008 compared to 2018. Your iTunes podcast would have a bigger chance of getting in the Top 100 in 2006 when podcasting wasn’t as huge as it is today.

Unless you already have a strong YouTube presence, focus the majority of your video content towards IGTV ( while not totally abandoning YouTube or Facebook video’s).

IGTV is also unique in the sense that it’s a brand new platform, but it’s hosted on Instagram which has 1 billion users. Everyone that follows your Instagram account will also become a follower of your IGTV channel.

Bottom Line

Take advantage of this powerful, brand new platform that your competitors most likely aren’t using yet. Start producing content that’s exclusive to your IGTV channel . Do this for the next 12–18 months and reap the benefits.