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Sales Follow-Up: 4 Techniques To Close More Deals

Understanding the principles of follow-up is essential for any business owner or salesperson. Even if a prospect show’s interest in buying your product/service, it requires proper follow-up to turn that prospect into a paying customer. If you’re looking to improve your lead-to-conversion rate, here’s 4 tips that should help:

1. Follow-Up At Least 5 Times With A Lead

My company, Unstung Media, manages Facebook advertisements for businesses in South Florida. We generate the leads, and they convert them. When I first started out, there was a business I worked with that only followed up with each lead once via phone call. If the lead didn’t answer the phone, they would toss their info in the trash and never contact them again!

This is part of the reason why out of the 40 leads a month I sent them, they converted less than a handful at most.

Important facts to remember: 

Follow up at least 5 times ( 8–12 times preferably ) to ensure that you don’t miss out on a new client/customer.

2. Vary Your Follow-Up Methods

With each lead, make sure to follow-up using all platforms available. Meaning you should use text, email, phone call, and social media to stay connected with them.

I prefer to text while some old-fashioned individuals would rather talk on the phone. Try different methods and see what sticks for that specific prospect.

3. Go The Extra Mile

When you’ve established contact with a new lead, make them feel special and valued. Pop-in to their place of business and have a casual, friendly chat. Wish them a happy father’s day, comment on their social media posts. Make an effort to build the relationship.

A recent idea that I implemented:

Order Custom USB Cards with your logo. Load them with background information about your business and client testimonials. Then deliver them to the hot leads office before your first formal meeting.

It’ll give them an idea of your company’s offerings while setting you apart from other’s seeking their business.

4. Don’t Overthink It

When sending follow-up emails, most sales-people are typing email’s that are far too long. If you are in this boat, just follow the K.I.S.S. principle ( keep it simple stupid ).

An email that has performed very well for me goes as followed:

Subject: Just Checking In…

Body: I was just checking in to see if you needed anything from me today.

Kindest Regards,

Alex Albarran

THAT’S IT. Stop wasting time overthinking your follow-up emails, staying persistent is much more important.

What are some follow-up techniques/principles that work for you? Leave them in the comment section below!

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