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Entrepreneurs: Delegate or Die

I learned many valuable lessons from my first business Slim Pickins Meals ( a healthy delivery/catering company ).

The most important lesson I learned from that entire experience was simply:

The owner of a business should be focusing on high-growth/impact activities and delegating the rest.

When I first started the operation, I was doing EVERYTHING:

Marketing, sales, ordering food/supplies, cooking, cleaning, delivering and customer service.

Once I saw that revenue growth was at a standstill, I realized that I needed to make a shift. If I hire people to assist/takeover certain day-to-day operational tasks, that’ll allow me to focus my energy on growing the business.

That’s when I started to see consistent revenue growth month-after-month. From 50 meals a week by myself to 150+ meals weekly ( and 600 meal catering gigs ).

This type of output wouldn’t of been possible if I didn’t hire people, take the time to train them, and give them real responsibility with the majority of the day-to-day operations.

As the owner/CEO, it’s your responsibility to focus on high-impact activities that are going to grow the business and set the operation up for success in the long-term.

Rule Of Thumb: If their are tasks that someone else can do 80% as well as you can — delegate it.