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How my personal brand has driven 57% of Unstung Media's revenue

In this article, I am going to explain my philosophy behind the choice to build my personal brand…

Including details on how I use it to drive large amounts of revenue toward my marketing company , build strategic relationships and win new clients.

Your personal brand is the one investment you can’t go wrong with

Investing in your personal brand will:

- Open up opportunities for you and any of your business ventures.

- Help you positively impact people at scale.

- Increase the amount of earned attention you and your companies receive.

Your different businesses will come and go. But you will always own your personal brand.

Start investing today.

How/Why I Started My Personal Brand

After reading two of Gary Vaynerchuk’s most popular books, “Crush It!” & “Crushing It!” , I realized that I needed to not only invest time/money into my businesses, but also into my personal brand.

Not only would it lead into opportunities to grow as an individual and business owner…

But more importantly, it would give me a platform to positively impact people’s lives at scale.

Creating content was difficult in the beginning ( and still can be ), but over time I got better and better.

The key was that I just started and learned as I went.

Now, my personal brand is growing via a business podcast and Instagram page.

Mistakes/Lessons Learned From Investing In My Personal Brand

Don’t be fancy:

Theirs’s no need to spend money on expensive equipment or a videographer at first. Use the equipment you already have and work your way up as you become more consistent with creating content.

For example, my client Denzel started his YouTube channel by recording personal finance videos on his iPhone in his bedroom. Now that he has 330,000+ views and makes $8k+ per month in Patreon revenue, he’s upgraded his equipment/setup.

Be yourself:

When I first started out, I was trying too hard to do what popular business influencers did. Trying to make the same exact content they were creating with the same delivery style.

Once I got more comfortable putting myself out there, I was more authentic in my videos/podcasts. My audience grew as a result.

Develop a thick-skin and don’t take negativity personally

If you’re going to build a personal brand, you’re going to be putting yourself “out there” a consistent basis.

Most people are going to give you positive feedback. But there WILL be a select few people who choose to leave unconstructive, hateful comments on your content and/or send you negative DM’s.

Don’t let people who have nothing better to do besides take time out of their day to leave hateful comments on someone’s post derail your progress.

Have empathy towards them for living in such broke emotional state.

Making real money with my personal brand

Positioning my brand around what I was good at, being a marketer & entrepreneur, was key.

This led to me receiving numerous inbound consulting/business opportunities. I started teaching what I knew, and then charging people fees for marketing services.

Keep in mind, these opportunities partly came from me not expecting anything from my audience. Meaning, I was providing valuable/informative content to my audience with no sales pitch or strings attached.

This built trust amongst my audience which ultimately led people to reach out and inquire about working with me.

If you’re content wreaks of a sales pitch or ulterior motives, it won’t resonate with people.

Growing my network & client base with podcasting

The major key to growing my personal brand was podcasting. And while having the audience for the podcast is nice, the real value comes through the relationships you build.

It created a massive network of other business owners who referred new business and/or became clients.

My podcast also serves as my pillar piece of content. It gives me the option to turn podcast interviews into short video clips for Instagram, YouTube videos, and even blog posts.

The bottom line

Having a strong personal brand is a massive advantage for your business and will open up many opportunities for you.

Building a personal brand takes time, patience and money.

But I promise you, you will never regret it.