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Alexa Skill Development


Alexa Skills Development

Custom voice-enabled applications for smoother and faster business operations

Over 100 million Alexa-enabled “smart speakers” have been sold worldwide.

Two-thirds of smart speaker owners use their smartphones less thanks to the advances in voice recognition.

Not only are consumers buying these products, but the ease of use is making them an integral part of daily life. If you are looking to build an app, consider developing an Alexa Skill to enrich your users’ experience and serve a growing audience. Or better yet, let Unstung Media do it for you.


We like to think of Alexa Skills as the apps of the Amazon Echo ecosystem. Their goals are often is to answer a question (or series of questions), respond to a command (turn off the lights in a smart home), or start an audio program (i.e. ‘play music’ or ‘start a workout’). We develop Alexa Skills that will become vital ways users interact with other aspects of your app’s key features.

If you are building an information-rich database, we can create an Alexa Skill to help users easily navigate it. If you have a news app, let Alexa give your users daily updates. No matter what your product is, Amazon Echo voice integration can enhance your current offering.

Connected Hardware Is The Future.


We will develop Alexa Skills that will enhance your app experience. Whether you have an existing app, need us to make you a mobile app in parallel with a Skill, or just need a standalone Alexa Skill, we are the product experts to get your idea off the ground and into an Echo.

If you want to chat more about Alexa Skills development, or your next great idea, drop us a line and we will get back to you as soon as possible.