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Hey – I’m Alex Albarran and I help entrepreneurs & coaches build a personal brand.

My background: I began working with Denzel Rodriguez when he just founded his financial coaching business with $0 revenue and having no online presence.

After around 9 months of working with Denzel, we’d built his YouTube channel to 350k+ views, 4,400 subscribers, and grown revenue derived from his YouTube channel to $10k per month ( Patreon contributions, coaching calls, 1-on-1 consulting packages, merch sales ).

I’ve utilized podcasting & an Instagram-focused content strategy to grow my own personal brand. Leveraging my personal brand has helped grow this company as well as my sports agency, Albarran Sports Group into profitable ventures.

I talk about the impact that my personal brand has had on my business, why I started it + more here.

I enjoy working with entrepreneurs who want to:

  1. Grow & invest into their personal brand.

  2. Add value to their audience.

  3. Leverage their personal brand into new business opportunities.’

Í’m especially passionate about:

  • Developing pillar content, then analyzing/repurposing it into multiple forms of micro-content.

  • Discovering scalable revenue sources derived from a personal brand.

  • Supporting entrepreneurs through the ups and downs of their journey

  • Building a content marketing strategy from the ground-up.

It’s a privilege to get paid for something I love to do.


One on one consulting

Initially, I’ll work with you on creating a custom, actionable content marketing/personal branding plan that’ll consistently be updated as we progress through the various phases of the plan.

We’ll also jump on a call once a week for 60 minutes to work through issues, challenges, and headaches you’re dealing with. I’ll also provide constructive feedback on your most recent pieces of content, with advice/tips on how to improve. If you’re a document-kinda person, we’ll keep a running Google doc that you can update the day before with the items you’d like to discuss. This helps me understand how things are going for you and join the call with context. Every call is recorded on Zoom, uploaded and transcribed by an AI service called Otter, then shared with you straight after the call.

The minimum engagement length is 16 weeks. Typically, client engagements for one on one consulting last anywhere from 20-24 weeks.

I also travel to clients to do full day deep-dive sessions. This is the equivalent of having eight back to back calls in a single day and is awesome fun. These are paid separately to a monthly engagement.


The list of questions below aren’t frequently asked, but if I was thinking of hiring a consultant, I’d be wondering about them.

Do you have an online course? Not right now ( or maybe ever ) – there are some limitations to packaging conversations into an online course. The first is that every founder and business is different, so it’s hard to be too prescriptive. Second, while I know that a course model can be lucrative, I prefer chatting with founders versus recording voiceovers on slideshows. Finally, the founders I work with are strapped for time, so carving out a few hours a week to learn passively from videos can be difficult.

Why should I choose you instead of another consultant? There are a few reasons you might like to work with me, but I’m not for everyone:

  1. I’ve helped entrepreneurs build their personal brand from nothing to something, I’ve scraped through all sorts of ups and downs along the way and you’ll get to avoid a lot of the mistakes I made.

  2. I’m not going to bullshit you. I don’t have all the answers and there’s lots of stuff I suck at. I do not want you to become dependent on me or our conversations. My goal is that you become wildly successful with your personal brand & business, and then refer your friends to me..

  3. When you hit the inevitable hard times, I’ll be right there next to you to dust you off and help get you back on your feet.

  4. I love working with entrepreneurs/founders. I’ve consulted companies in the past, but it’s very hard make as much of an impact as I’d like compared to working 1-1 with the founder.


If you’re interested in working together, email me at alex@unstungmedia.com and we can find some time to chat.